Turn R1 Suede Leather Wrapping DIY

Suede wrapping the R1! This process has taken a long time and many wheels to get down. What used to take me an entire day I can now do in about an hour 😀 As I continue to streamline my processes and get ready for the mass produced Turn R20 I’ll continue to reveal some of my secrets!

This wheel is the Turn R1 Sim Steering Wheel. Available here!

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30 Replies to “Turn R1 Suede Leather Wrapping DIY”

  1. DonZ meuheu

    Absolutely amazing:) Cant wait till my wheel arrive. By the way not only your wheels also your videos are a Masterpiece. Great advertising and people see where they money goes and that your wheels are worth any penny:)

  2. Nothing To See Here

    This is genuine question, I'm not insulting you or anything, I'm just wondering whether it's viable to run a sim racing wheel buisness cause it seems so saturated and there are lots of cheap(and relativly high quality) products by large manufacturers. Do you actually get enough customers from the sim racing community or do you also sell to actual racing teams too?


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