Tooling and Carving Leather

Tooling and Carving Leather. Hand tooling and carving leather is fun and rewarding once you get your technique figured out and have the right leather tools for the job.
Tooling and carving leather with Bruce Cheaney. In this YouTube video I show you how to “cut in” the design on saddle skirts for a custom saddle I am making. First I transfer the design from the paper pattern that I have sketched to the moist Hermann Oak saddle skirting. Next the design is cut into the leather with a Barry King swivel knife. Once the design is cut in on the one side it is then placed on the opposite side and the design is tapped off onto the saddle skirt. With a few leather tools you can create very unique designs the leather tools used here are three craftool bevelers a small pear shader a veiner and a 888 craftool background tool plus the brass swivel knife with a hollow ground blade.

Springfield Leather Company Deluxe Belt & Project Starter Set

Barry King Swivel Knife, 1/2-Inch Barrel

Barry King Swivel Blade, Straight, 1/4-Inch

Imported Veg Tanned Leather

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Three more carving leather clips by Bruce Cheaney
Part 1
Carving Leather

Part 2
Carving Leather with Swivel Knife

Part 3
Carving and Tooling Leather

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Thanks for watching this tooling and carving leather tutorial.

Bruce Cheaney
Gainesville, Texas.

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36 Replies to “Tooling and Carving Leather”

  1. C.James.Cornwalll

    Wow I was shocked at the price of the granite/marble slabs 😲 the rest of the tools were very affordable. I was lucky enough to find a decent sized piece of pink marble in my local cemetery, looked like it was once a base/stand for an urn maybe.. 24"×18" and 2" thick. If you're just starting out have a look in your local graveyard and you may get lucky too 😎

  2. Duane Sloan

    one of my childhood memories is laying in bed waking up it might be 2 or 3 in the morning
    to the sound of my dad tapping on leather, he was also a great leather carver.
    Your work has to be the closest i have seen to his extremely sharp and clean.

  3. Jason Demmer

    Watching you work is a pleasure and very informative. I was very reluctant to attempt carving since it appears very difficult, but after watching the beginner videos, I feel confident trying my hand at it. Thank you for passing on the knowledge!


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