The Ridge Wallet vs. Knockoffs! Are they really just as good?

The Ridge Wallet is one of the best slim EDC carry wallets on the market today. So of course it’s going to have a few knock offs available at much cheaper prices. So how similar are they? Are they just as good? Well that’s what I take a look at in this video. Is it worth it to buy a knock off and save tons of money or just buy the actual name brand? So check out the Ridge Wallet vs its knockoff counterparts and you can decide for yourself!

BSWolf Aluminum Slim Minimalist Wallet:

Rizot Carbon Fiber Wallet:

The Ridge Wallet Aluminum:

The Ridge Wallet Carbon Fiber:

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41 Replies to “The Ridge Wallet vs. Knockoffs! Are they really just as good?”

  1. Gaston Shutters

    Support originality and products made in the USA enough of supporting China and IP theft. There it was an American group of people behind researching and investing in a product. It only took a greedy Chinese person to knock it off and infest our country with a stolen idea. If you can afford original don't be a wannabe. Support America or whatever country you are from and their entrepreneurs that dare to invest their own money and time o put great products out.

  2. Dale Steadman

    I have bought a lot of knockoffs products over the years and my experience is the material they use in China isn’t as good as the real thing, they just don’t last very long, however to pay $70 for a wallet is pretty crazy.

  3. Muneeb Ahmed

    Love the review helped me decide that I could go for a knock off and still be alright yes ridge will be the benchmark but when you get most of what ridge is offering the price ain’t worth it thx again for the review

    P.s don’t reply to the trolls you do you

  4. Lucciano Molaro

    People dont understand that the little details are what costs money because it's a lot of labor hours to have someone do those little rounded or shaved edges and all. It's not material cost as much as labor hours spent to detail that drives up price.

  5. Ernest Thomas

    That was a great video. Your and awesome Ridge evangelist and your also honest. The Ridge maybe a great wallet but the difference is not worth 10 times the money. I also purchased a “Ridge like”carbon fiber wallet but they advertised it with a Glossy finish as opposed to a matte finish. It’s just a question of choice and honestly I didn’t pay any attention until I was considering the differences after my purchase. I would probably have preferred a matte finish to thwart finger prints but again not worth 10 times the money. Again great review. Keep it up.

  6. ForbiddenSpatula42

    I want to like Ridge wallets, but the price is abhorrent. Despite how Premium they want you to think the wallet is they use the most commercially available grade of titanium, grade 5. Grade 5 titanium goes for $28 (AVG) a pound, the ridge wallet is 2.5 oz, that's roughly 6 wallets for $28 of material. Assuming the metal used is the bulk of ridges material costs and rounding up one wallets worth of material is just $5. I will admit the build quality is nicer than the knock offs, but not 10X nicer.

  7. Ryan Collins

    With most companies there products are not original there from a Chinese website where they contact them to say what changed they want to make and talk about the price then sell the item OK as there own. This is likely the same with this wallet if you look hard enough your fond the exact same for cheaper I did with a carbon fiber phone case I just brought another company sells it for double the price and it's the same case just different logo.

  8. N. R. Rohde

    A) the “not as slippery” knockoff is better because it will keep your cards from slipping out. B) every wallet of this design is terrible. The two halves wants to move around and your cards eventually squish their way partially out. C) want to spend money on a wallet? Hey the Bellroy leather card pocket wallet. Yes, it has a zipper, but it keeps things just as thin and it’s made with premium leather that ages beautifully!

  9. Dark Star 420

    Dude…..”the box was much nicer?” Seriously? Who CARES about the packaging a product comes in?! Lmao! What possible use is comparing the packaging and included literature have to do with helping people decide whether the product is any good? If it’s something that’s going to end up in the trash, it doesn’t need to be reviewed or compared. FWIW – you talked me into the knock-off’s. Far better value and nobody in their right mind judges a person by the wallet or card holder they carry. If your financial hero pulled out a beat-up old wallet are you going to suddenly think less of the person? No. It’s not the wallet, it’s what’s in it that matters. Successful people don’t become successful by buying products with 4.3% improvements for a 500%-1000% higher cost. They should call the Ridge, the “Rip-Off!” Lol

  10. TheWAYK

    They sell these at Nordstrom. I work at a Rack. We got a couple of these at my store via Nordstrom Quality Control two days ago. I got two of them for $12 each! Both aluminum, one blue with a cash strap and other was tan with a money clip.


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