The Man Bag | Why Every Guy Needs One | Man Bag 101

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Big thanks to NutSac for partnering with me on this video!
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of , , and is talking about the man bag. This video was in partnership with my favorite man bag company (NutSac).

The man bag is increasing essential accessory in the modern man’s style arsenal. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro goes over why you need a man bag, what makes a man bag a ‘man bag’, and how to pick one.

Why You Need a Man Bag
Alpha talks about the man bags he owns, and how a man bag has saved his life in the past. The bag has been functional (and incredibly valuable) and now it’s becoming fashionable, comfortable, and advantageous rather than using pockets.

Alpha discusses all of the crap that men carry around these days (not including computers): phones which are getting bigger, wallets, keys, headphones, phone chargers, shades, and gum / mints. With a man bag, your pockets are free from crap and you can carry stuff with style and class.

What Makes a Man Bag
Backpack – great for carrying heavy stuff. It’s not a man bag!
Traditional and Modern Briefcases – the super structured formal option isn’t that functional for carrying stuff other than paper and pens, and you don’t see them that much anymore. If you have a computer, a modern briefcase is used. Both aren’t man bags!
Messenger bags – not man bags either!

Man Bag Options
Where do you get a man bag? They are difficult to find- you can find messenger bags and computer bags but not a ton of man bag options!

Diesel Bags- overpriced for the quality. Some are funky but quality is crappy.
Nutsac Bags – the greatest name for a man bag! The bags are sassy, and Alpha gets tons of compliments on his bag.

Like stylish shoes, you need a variety of options for a variety of situations. You can’t just have a computer bag. He covers stylish options for man bags: small to large and casual to dressy. Alpha has a multiple man bags for different situations and outfits. It’s like a super cool accessory.

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43 Replies to “The Man Bag | Why Every Guy Needs One | Man Bag 101”

  1. Kevin Z

    People in this comment section probably have their manhood/sense of security the size of a nutsac. You calling it a purse doesn't make it a purse. They are just plain looking ordinary shoulder bags for men.

  2. Canadian Cuck Fighter

    I could see using it for going to the office if you have many things work related you can’t carry but no real man should be carrying a purse around outside of the office. Men are being emasculated and feminized beyond words these days. Men carry wallets or money clips, period.

  3. Jim Weber

    I'm sorry fellas, but it's a purse for male millennials. The Maxpedition Remora or Lunada sling bags would be better choices if you must carry stuff, such as those gigantic phones (and they even have concealed carry pockets). Even better, quit carrying all the extra junk!


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