The Leather Element: Shop Tricks Part 4

In this week’s video, Chuck shows some more shop tricks that will hopefully help you out in your own shop! We’ve got some tips on revolving punches, adding a belt tip to a strap, and easily stringing bone beads onto a project!
Also join us LIVE on YouTube today May 29, 2020, at 3 pm eastern!

Wooden Strap Cutter:
Perma-Lok Needles:

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37 Replies to “The Leather Element: Shop Tricks Part 4”

  1. Alessandro Bianco

    Thanks a lot Chuck! Weaver gained a lot when you decided to work with them. I appreciate everyone making videos at Weaver but you're like my cool friend giving me plenty of tips and encouragement 🙂 I have got to ask tho: at 2:09 I can see what looks like a hand forged metal spike that you use to remove the hole punch piece. Care to share what it is and what do you use it for? I ask as it was blacksmithing that got me into leatherworking. Thanks for your help and contagious enthusiasm!

  2. Mark Allred

    Speaking of shop tips, here is another one: instead of worrying about a sneeze or memory misplacing critical hardware, keep handy a small bowl or, usually more reliable, a weighty magnet, to grab any iron-based item. Even brass- or chrome-looking items are likely to be plated steel rather than solid.

  3. Red Coyote

    There's a brand of rulers called Alumicutter that's actually very nice for cutting! I found one in a secondhand art shop and it's the most used ruler now. One side is thicker than the other side, almost a quarter inch, and that's meant to be the side to cut on. Also it's non-slip!
    Though, when it comes to cutting a straight edge into a new side, I use a 6ft level to limit drifting from when you move the ruler down the side.

  4. Ryan Rohrich

    Thanks Chuck, such great advice. I particularly enjoyed the advice about the bar steel, I’m looking forward to getting into leather crafting, but Would love to spare my fingers as I need them for braille haha I would be interested in hearing more about texture surface treatments for leather. Such as burnishing or bringing out the greens etc. Keep fightin’ the good fight, God bless

  5. Grady Gillis

    Tapering the belt was a new set of tricks for me. Definitely useful. My tip for you: Scotch tape. When you take those screws out of the tip, and are going to use them in just a few minutes, take a piece of Scotch tape and just pick the screws up with it, slide them away from your immediate work area, and tape them right to the cutting board. I use about a two inch piece and fold 1/4" of one end back on itself to make a tab so I don't have any trouble pulling the tape up from the board.

  6. Robert Emerson

    Here's a tip for Chuck: Buy an inexpensive magnetized parts bowl. LOL Or, since Chuck will give us DIY tips, get a roll of magnet tape and stick a couple 6" strips side by side on the end of your work bench or on something nearby. Screws won't just roll off the bench. 👍


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