Saphir Cordovan Cream – Leather Polish

How to apply and polish leather with Saphir Cordovan Cream. This product is great for filling in scratches and giving a bright, shiny luster of shell cordovan leather.

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7 Replies to “Saphir Cordovan Cream – Leather Polish”

  1. Ed F

    Thanks for the overview on how best to apply the Saphir Cordovan Cream. Phil, I received my One Shot Cardholder today. It looks Awesome! I love the Amaretto. Simply fantastic!…Amir, thanks for your note, and Yes I’m loving my Double Reverse, Shell Cordovan, Color 8, Fat Herbie. I gave it a coat of Saphir Cordovan Cream which improved upon its Lustre and smooth feel. One benefit of the Reverse on the inside of the Fat Herbie is the resulting smooth side of the Cordovan being on the inside of the cardholder slots. This results in making it super easy to remove credit cards from the Wallet. I can easily put 3-4 cards in each slot and the cards easily slide out. I think its a Tie between my Double Reverse Color 8 Shell Cordovan Fat Herbie and my Whiskey Shell Cordovan Tony the Ant, as my favorite daily wear Wallet.


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