Saddlers Clams: English Vs French: Which is better? – Leathercraft Masterclass

In this video I help you make a more informed decision about which style of clam works best for you and your work.

This video was shot for IGTV – Instagram’s version of YouTube, hence the portrait 9:16 format. So be sure to follow there too! (best content).

After receiving many questions recently about the differences and which one is best, I thought it would be easier to understand by showing you.

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9 Replies to “Saddlers Clams: English Vs French: Which is better? – Leathercraft Masterclass”

  1. labrat7357

    In the early 1970's, i used to work with a man who had lost his leg in WW2 and then trained as a saddler. He used a saddlers clam fitted with a stirrup on a webbing strap that passed through a slot in one side of a pair of english style clams. The bottom of the clam located in a leather loop bolted to the base of his stool. His stitching was the most perfect I have ever seen. All the best.


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