Saddleback Leather Wallet

A quick little movie I made of this wallet. It’s ridiculously well made. I’ll never need another one.

Since I’ve had the wallet, it’s really broken in nicely. It’s still as tough as ever. I like telling people “This is the kind of wallet you make a cowboy bite down on while you’re digging a bullet out of his leg.” Haha.


leather wallet

12 Replies to “Saddleback Leather Wallet”

  1. craznoe

    I've had mine for 8 months now, and it looks better now than the day I bought it. Very happy with the product. I usually carry 2-3 cards per slot, and have found that if I have one card in a slot surrounded by 2-3 cards in other slots, the single card is prone to crack.

    Past that, I'm extremely happy with this wallet. I've ordered one for my father and my brother, and my girlfriend is doing the same for her family. Wonderful company making wonderful products.

  2. Jackson Doughty

    I got one for my birthday one week ago and it is already beginning to show wear. my dad has had his for about a year and it only gets better with age. I can't wait to see what mine will look like in five years!! it is so well made! good quick vid!


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