Review + GIVEAWAY: Bag Inc. Alexa Studded Leather Bag in Camel! (CLOSED)

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Hey dolls and gents! I told y’all in my June 2012 Favorites video that I would be doing a review/giveaway on this handbag and here it finally is! I am absolutely in LOVE with this bag and think it’s the perfect accessory for any chic woman’s closet. I was super excited when Bag Inc. contacted me to do a review and giveaway for y’all because I always love for my subscribers to get a chance to try cool things out too! =)

Alexa Studded Leather Handbag in Camel: .

Giveaway Rules
1. Must be a subscriber of my YouTube channel, Makeupd0ll:
2. Must like the Bag Inc Facebook Page: .
3. Must be a follower of Bag Inc’s Twitter Page: .
4. Must be a subscriber of Bag Inc’s Youtube Channel: .
5. Giveaway is open internationally!
6. Only ONE entry per person please.
7. Must be 18+ or have parental consent.
8. Like & Favorite this video!
9. Leave a comment below telling me about your “perfect” date. (Do NOT spam anyone’s comment please!)

Giveaway will run from today (July 27th) until August 17th @ 11:59 PM EST.

There will be ONE winner. This winner will be generated randomly from the comments section of this video using I will be checking if you are following all of the rules!

Good luck to you all!

Hair Info: Virgin Brazilian Wavy hair in 20, 22, & 24 inches from
*review coming soon*

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**This handbag was provided by Bag Inc for review and giveaway purposes. I was NOT compensated for this video. I am an affiliate of Bag Inc. This is my honest opinion as always.


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42 Replies to “Review + GIVEAWAY: Bag Inc. Alexa Studded Leather Bag in Camel! (CLOSED)”

  1. bubbliebrowne

    I'm loving this "look" you're rockin' as you describe the details of this contest It's like a "Summer Beachy Look" soft waves, with hints of coral in your make-up. Also-I really like the way the bag compliments your look-it actually makes you think of also wearing the bag with a pop color such as coral! FAB'

  2. Christabel Agyapong

    perfect date?? haha. i actually dont care where we go or what we do as long as i can tell that he thought about it. If wherever it is is meaningful to him, and that he truly thought about the date, then that is really all that matters to me, until the actual date..

  3. Shanny A

    My perfect date would be to surprise my boyfriend with a fancy dinner made by ME at his house lol. There will be candles lit and slow melodic music playing. Then after dinner we would dance until we both grow tired and then lay in bed and watch a few movies of his choice or play a few of his favorite xbox games lol. Then to end the perfect date we would make love lol.

  4. Christie Williamson

    My perfect date could be anywhere as long as it is me and my hubby. I love just staying home, eating crab legs, drinking wine, and watching a movie. No lines to wait in or other people to get in the way of our night together without the kids. That is my perfect date.

  5. Andrea Lashay

    My perfect date would be at like this low key poetry club, where I would always clap after a perfomance instead of snapping but my date wouldn't mind.Then he might put me on the spot and say"Hey she writes Spoken word" and as much stage fright that I have I'll kinda owe everybodyin the room for my annoying church clap.Yet and still I'd be happy for the experience.

  6. Multi Sassy

    My perfect date, could be anywhere (it's all about the person you're with, not exactly what you're doing) BUT if I had to say a perfect date? Somewhere quiet for a romantic dinner, not a crowded place, so we can really focus on each other and enjoy our time together!

  7. Baako Precious

    I live in u.s.a and i would love to win this contest because i think i can rock the look and you will never get dissapointed! I really want to thank you for this giveaway and you looking so greatt! And also the butt knickers please pick me…#fingers crosed and prayin hard# My perfect date would be at the park chilling and hanging around then later at the cinema laughing our teeth out lols and after a long day we have dinner at a chinese restaurant eating our favourite dish….,! Thanks for thi

  8. yvonne ong

    my perfect date would start with dinner at a nice restaurant then to the theaters to watch a romantic movie and lastly a walk on the beach 🙂 yeap as cliche as it looks i am a hopeless romantic and i would be in love with the someone if all this really happen at once! <3 anyways thanks for the giveaway!

  9. H J

    My perfect date would consist of me getting to dress up, getting picked up and taken to a nice restaurant. After that a nice stroll through somewhere with a lot of culture and art. My perfect date would end in going to see a show 🙂

  10. Jazz Beauty Studio

    My Perfect Date will be an unexpected one, recieving a special call from my significant other telling my that he will be over in a few hours, get dressed and look cute ! Knowing me i will throw on something HOT anyways. We would go see a movie , get some dinner and go downtown 🙂 end the nice with a lovely kiss

  11. Maya Toney

    My Perfect Date will be an unexpected one, recieving a special call from my significant other telling my that he will be over in a few hours, get dressed and be relaxed! Knowing me i will throw on something HOT anyways. We have lunch or dinner at a fine dinning restaurant, while we talk about the enjoyment of life & afterwards take a stroll somewhere with great scenary e.i beach,national park, downtown citylights

  12. Diamond


  13. charae smith

    My perfect date would be a night out in new york all of the lights glaring romantic music and a lovely dinner at a nice restraunt red wine and steak rose petals a violin playing and candles lite thanks for the giveaway keep up the great work 🙂

  14. TropiicalPunch

    my perfect date would be calm night on the town! Since I have someone in mind that consist of us maybe catching a movie and snuggling or going to play some pool and just fooling around. Then walking the city streets hand in hand while talking it up! 🙂


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