Purse Pattern and Tutorial, Leather working pattern by Tony Allen Bernier

Easy to follow leather working pattern. Punch out the pre-marked stitch holes, cut the parts, and follow the instructional video.
Time stamps for various steps below.
Pattern may be purchased at:

Materials needed:
– 6.5 square feet for purse body. I suggest around a 5 or 6oz veg tan.
-3 square feet for purse lining. A 4 or 5oz chrome tan works great.
– 2x 3/4″ D-rings.
– 2x strap end clips. I recommend 3/4″ swivel clips.
– 1x closure latch. I use Tandys Tuck lock clasp large, part # 11399-03
-1/16″ hole punch or size of your choosing. You may also use a lacing chisel as long as every hole is centered in the pre-marked stitching holes.
– Utility knife or cutting utensil.
– If you chose to use my method for making the fold in the lining opening you’ll need 2 square feet of 3/4″ wood and something to cut and sand it with.
– The pattern for the lining has every stitching hole pre-marked like the main
section of the purse. However if you wish to use a sewing machine you’ll obviously need one of those 😉

Time Stamps:
– Punching holes/cutting parts= 0:51
– Sewing flap= 2:58
– Gluing D-rings into tabs= 5:00
– Stitches clasp closure tab= 5:46
– Sewing gusset to purse body= 6:54
– Strap tabs= 17:09
– Sewing flap to purse= 18:59
– Attaching closure latch= 21:47
– Strap= 26:33
– Lining fold/welt= 29:41
– Lining pocket= 37:38
– Sewing lining= 40:07
-Sewing lining into bag= 48:51

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