Making A Motorcycle Wallet with A Secret Pocket!


Making A Motorcycle Wallet with A Secret Pocket!

This custom leather wallet was handmade for a customer of ours. The Wallet is a version of our motorcycle-style wallet, with a whole ton of storage for credit cards, cash, and receipts.

This motorcycle wallet is made with vegetable tanned leather and hand sewn with a saddle stitch. We used 2-5oz leather throughout, and finished the edges buy burnishing and applying bee’s wax.

Making this motorcycle wallet pattern is an intermediate project, it is not super difficult you’ve just got to install the pockets in the correct order. The secret pocket is actually the connection between the top cash slot and the bottom one – you just sew it in a way that creates a hidden pocket to store credit cards, cash, or folded paper !

Making this motorcycle wallet is a great way to practice making larger leather crafting pieces. It is a great unisex design, and can be made with our without the snap depending on what sort of style you’d like the finished piece to have.

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