[Leather Craft] Chrome tanned VS Vegetable tanned / Making a bag different types of leather

[Leather Craft] Chrome tanned Shrunken VS Vegetable tanned Full-grain/Making a bag/ Different types of leather


+ Hello, This is Hahn :^D

This time, I’ve got an interesting project.

I tried to make a same shape of shopper bag with different types of leather. When I first started a leather craft, I didn’t know the difference in leather. (hard or soft, chrome tanned or vegetable tanned)

(If it is brown, I thought that artificial leather was leather as well)

I can’t say that which one is better. However, You can choose the leather that suits your taste and purpose 🙂

This video briefly shows how the two types of the bag are made.

In the next video I will show you in detail the process of making each bag. I hope you enjoy the video of Sinseol-dong leather shops (where the leather market is in Korea) with some exciting music. =)

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