Making Her FIRST Leather Long Wallet!!!


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Making Her FIRST Leather Long Wallet!!!

Kayleena has been in charge of our leather production work for the better part of 5 years now which involves a lot of die cutting leather and hand stitching leather. About a year ago we opened up fully custom leathercraft orders for the first time since 2011, and Kayleena took it upon herself to learn how to make our custom pieces from start to finish 100% by hand. She’s learned how to trace patterns onto leather, cut the leather with smooth curves by hand, glue and mark and punch and saddle stitch leather to a very high level in just a year – it’s so cool to watch!

Kayleena’s partner needed a new wallet and he wanted it to be a moto style wallet, so she decided to make her first long wallet on film. It took her two days to make this wallet by hand using lots of tools from our sponsor Weaver Leather. She used natural vegetable tanned leather that was tanned and oiled, ,beautiful Ritza threads, and our own custom copper plated brass hardware. It couldn’t look more beautiful!

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28 Replies to “Making Her FIRST Leather Long Wallet!!!”

  1. Jim Athey

    Good job, even if it took 2 days. Is the dog a good helper? As far as patterns I personally like 2 make my own, all I have 2 C is the product and I do my own thing. This OLD LEATHER SMITH TEACHES LEATHER CRAFT AND DOES CUSTOM LEATHER CRAFT ONLY. GOD'S BLESSINGS 2 BOTH OF YOU ✝️⚾🙃

  2. Natália Young

    I really would like to see the way you stich things. I could tell you use two needles and hold one of the threads while doing with one but I would like to see it in a slower way, if possible. Maybe one day you can go through it? Thank you anyways. Your work is breathtaking.

  3. K Shinn

    I really enjoyed seeing your work. I am just starting on this new venture. I was wondering if you or someone viewing could point me in the right direction to have my snaps embossed with my company logo? I would greatly appreciate it and keep up the beautiful work.


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