Making Fancy Leather Trucker Wallets


Making Fancy Leather Trucker Wallets

In this video we take the skills learned from a couple of our previous leather crafting videos and combine them to make a fancy leather trucker wallet! This leather wallet features a zip pouch, a hidden card slot, a bill slot, and also holds an iphone or other smart phone – all in a compact, slim leather design! This leather trucker wallet also works perfect as a clutch, and you can make this wallet either hand sewn with a saddle stitch or machine sewn on a sewing machine if you’re looking for a DIY project 🙂

Should we release the pattern? let us know!

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34 Replies to “Making Fancy Leather Trucker Wallets”

  1. Kai LX

    When I’m punching the holes for my stitch, the side I’m punching on turns out straight and nice how it should , but the other side doesn’t, I hold the chisel as straight as possible, it really only happens when making the outer stitch line for a wallet, my solution was to make the exterior shell with its stitch line punched out and the interior with its stitch line, it works but takes longer, any advice?

  2. lp2317

    Having seen the videos with the commentary made it a lot easier to understand the ones without it. Don't think I'd ever try this myself, but I've certainly gotten a better appreciation for what goes into work like this. Keep it up.

  3. Paul Green

    A fantastic wallet ,but I don't think I would be putting my phone in it with the coins as it's likely to crack your screen if pressure is put on outside ?
    Just a comment.
    Fantastic craftsmanship though
    Paul – Redditch Worcestershire England.

  4. DYNM_ Jad

    For real,I am a. 12 years old kid and I work with leather and for me u are my teacher I have a Chanel called leather corner thx a lot for ur vids they are very helpful😍😍😍💜💜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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