Making a Women's Leather Long Wallet

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37 Replies to “Making a Women's Leather Long Wallet”

  1. allanpennington

    A couple of observations. When painting the edges lay your piece flat on the table with the edge hanging over a little. Hold you painter vertically with the tip up. That way you have control over the edge and the dye won't drip anywhere. Sample with card stock so you get the proportions and function right before cutting good leather. A good rule of thumb would be the edge of the flap covers a third of the width. For a woman's purse I would have gone down a thread and needle size with a slightly shorter stitch, it would make it aesthetically more pleasing to the eye. I would skive the edges where you have multiple plies to keep the final edge thickness consistent around the whole perimeter of the wallet. A nice touch could be a contrasting suede lining piece of very light weight in the centre to cover the raw side of the outer layer which could be sandwiched under the pocket flaps to hold it so no raw edge shows and under the flap so it pops a nice colour when the lady opens her wallet. That would turn a $50 wallet into a $250 one.

  2. Robert Cecil

    Thanks again for just being so straightforward and putting everything into the scope that beginners as well as more advanced
    Leather crafters can grasp, and most importantly put your lessons to use.
    Hi to your lovely family 🖐🏻 too!

  3. Julie Seidel

    Hey Parker I love the tooled wallets they're the vintage ones. And I have a picture of one I was considering purchasing but I was wondering if you were do things like that. I was going to send you the picture to see if you could look at it and tell me what you would think about doing something like that and what it would cost it's a long wallet.

  4. Tracy Bishop

    Love this womans wallet… I agree that the flap should be a bit longer.. my only "criticism" is that I miss more design.. like the wester mens wallet, some kind of stamping design or whatever… a western edge on the bottom fold edge would be beautiful, similar to your, # 65 (I believe) western mens wallet… I'm just newly getting into leather craft and recently found your page and I'm loving your videos and style of tutorials.. thank you for helping me make my decision to really get into it…

  5. 샤농

    Would like the ID slot to be located to the side instead of right in the center so you can free up more space for more card slots. When ladies invest in a large wallets like that, they expect as many slots to accommodate at least 8+ cards.
    other than that it looks BEAUTIFUL and I agree with you about needing to make the front flap a little longer, but I wouldn't take it down too long — definitely not let the tip of the flap touch past the half point of the wallet — as the current look you have now is what makes your design so unique.

  6. listentotheteach1

    I love it! You know what I love best about this? After you made it there were some things that were not exactly perfect (like you said – looks great to me). It made you look more realistic. I've been trying so hard to make some things and I get spots on my stuff too, but from glue that hardens and darkens the material. I'm just a beginner but I loved this video. Great job and thank you for making it!


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