Making a vertical leather wallet

Making a vertical leather wallet, this is a personal favorite of mine.

In all our videos I try to include a few import tips that will hopefully help you along in your own leather working.

This wallet is made with vegetable tanned leather and I have saddle stitched it together.


The PATTERN and complete instruction manual with detailed photos is available on our website and we greatly appreciated your support



I have been working with Aaron from Rocky Mountain Leather Supplies for many years and not only does he supply loads of great items for leather working, he is a really good man. His site is below. I get most of my stuff here.


Courage to create
Terrick & Charlene

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leather wallet

46 Replies to “Making a vertical leather wallet”

  1. Stephen Gladieux

    Terrick, you mention that the right-hand version of your blade has the bevel on the left side. Why is that? I would think having a straight surface against the steel ruler would cut closer to the scratch line and be more consistent. Just trying understand the principles I'm missing here. Looking at buying one this week. Thanks!


    Thank you for the great videos, I am just starting in leather work and find your videos so helpful. I made a knife sheath based on one of your videos and it came out very nice so I will be having a go at this wallet, I have some nice kangaroo leather in veg tan, do you think it will be good for this wallet design?

  3. D Rickard

    Love the content and presentation… Really glad I found your channel. As a small time hobbyist, doing small stuff for me and those close to me, I really had to think pretty hard about getting your blade with the l'dispensible but I love a good blade. It didn't disappoint! Fantastic blade… Thanks for sharing your craft.

  4. Dave

    HAHA !! Taking a deep whiff of the item when complete. So rewarding.
    Great piece and video, as always.
    Do have a small question, does heat-able edge paint have to be heated to look good or was that dye ?


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