Making a small batch of No.54 minimalist leather card holder wallets

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Full process of making a small batch of No.54 Minimalist Leather Card Holders. I’ll link all the tools and supplies that I used down below.

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Mighty Wonder Clicker Press:

Custom Dies:
National Steel Rule Die, Inc. email

2 oz. squeeze bottles

Barge Cement

Vernis Edge Paint:

edge paint roller pen:

Wood Slicker:

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49 Replies to “Making a small batch of No.54 minimalist leather card holder wallets”

  1. Doctors' Orders Supply&Co.

    Hello fellow members of the leather-working family, you and others like corter leather have inspired me to make my own videos so please check out this minimal wallet I made. – I tried to leave a comment like this on a corter video and they blocked me :/ please be kind and take an honest look, Stock & Barrel Co Family. I thank you and god bless. Its in 4k . I learned it was on my phone when i watched your opening video so thanks!

  2. fancyfaceb

    Can you do a video (or videos) about hardware? I am new to leather work, and hardware has me stumped. Specifically, installation of grommets and studs, as well as how to incorporate hardware into design. And the best places to source hardware. Thank you! I love your videos!!! 🙂


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