Making a Shinki Hikaku shell cordovan leather wallet part 3/3




◼︎A leathercraft workshop on the Goto Islands
The Goto Islands are a chain of 140 islands in the Kyushu region at the western-most point of Japan, 100km beyond the Nagasaki harbor. It’s a sparsely populated place surrounded by nature. The Old Fellow Company workshop is located on Nagadōri-jima, the second largest of this island chain. We deliver our goods worldwide from this environment perfect for focusing on handicrafts.  


〒857-4214 長崎県南松浦郡新上五島町56-6


leather wallet

25 Replies to “Making a Shinki Hikaku shell cordovan leather wallet part 3/3”

  1. Andrea Tomonaga

    Thank you for the tutorial.
    If you need help with English subtitles I can try to help edit it for you. Some of the translation was not correct.
    Also I know what options we use in the U.S. for glue and edges and tool names. I always watch your videos because of your design style. 🤗


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