Making a new long wallet with strap closure / leather work, DIY

In this video tutorial I am showing how I make a long wallet with a strap closure. Thanks for watching!

Recommended leather thickness: 1.5mm

• Acrylic templates:
• Pdf templates available here:
• Edge finishing roller:
Affordable leather crafting tool kit:
Useful tools for leather working :

– Waxed polyester thread for hand stitching:
– Scratch awl:
– NT cutter:
– Mallet:
– Saddler leather hammer:
– Crepe eraser to clean products:
– Regad electric creasing equipement:

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leather diy

7 Replies to “Making a new long wallet with strap closure / leather work, DIY”

  1. Mark Edis

    Hi Alex, great video. Have you ever tried the Giardini edging system? You but down a layer of base coat and buff that usually only once and then add a layer of coloured top coat. The finish is the best I’ve ever achieved.


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