Making a Leather Belt Chapter 5: Adding Dye, Antique and Top Coat to a Leather Belt

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For this seven-part project video series, follow along as Chuck Dorsett makes leather belts from start to finish in both natural veg tan and pre-dyed veg tan. In this video, we will be adding dye, antique finish, and a top coat. Chuck explains added tips to keep your antique from bleeding through the belt holes onto the back of the strap.

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16 Replies to “Making a Leather Belt Chapter 5: Adding Dye, Antique and Top Coat to a Leather Belt”

  1. Cian O'Meara

    Hey, love the videos, just working on my first belt now and they've been a huge help. Quick questions with the leather balm, did you apply to the inside of the belt also? And you said this isnt really a sealant, would you advise putting resolene on top after the balm? Irish weather can be rainy so worried about rub off.
    Thank you for all the video help, really made getting started so much easier in the craft,

  2. elvis pressedtalot

    FOR DURability!!!!!! Do you Soak it in WATER . or Anything else added with WATER??? trying to look up . conditioning of leather belts??? No topics on youtube when im searching for a solution to soften the belt , rather than it being stiff as can be. ?

  3. Jerilyn Spaziano

    I'm having such a difficult time dying leather. Super Shene. Resolene, Leather Balm, even tried Neatsfoot, and Mink oil as a last resort, and there is rub off!! Sometimes I can get a solid seal, but the leather will be left with a unwanted high gloss. I will let the dye dry overnight and rub off before I seal, but it still bleeds. I know I'm doing something wrong, but just can't pinpoint it. Im using Fiebings pro dyes, eco flow water based dyes, and regular Fiebings dye. I even sent an email to Fiebings and (shame on them) didn't receive a reply. Any suggestions on solving my problem besides finding another craft? Thanks, and I love your videos.


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