Leathercraft: Sewing leather wallet

Leathercraft: Sewing leather wallet. Find contact information and sewing machine reviews http://leathercraftmax.com Today I am making and sewing a simple style handmade leather wallet and machine stitching the wallet on my Cowboy CB4500 harness stitcher machine. The sewing machine thread I am using is white polyester size 346 and the needle in the machine is made by Schmetz made in Germany and is size 200. If you would like to use a smaller size thread you might consider size 207 and a size 180 Schmetz needle. The Cowboy CB4500 has a Servo motor which enables you to sew at the speed that is comfortable for you. I have sewn thick and thin leather with this machine and it works great for me. Thanks for watching and you are welcome to subscribe to my YouTube channel I would also appreciate a thumbs up if you like this video and the information in it.

Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney, Gainesville Texas, USA.

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