Leather Working – machine for sewing thick saddle leather – leather craft secrets

Sewing leather parts to a custom made saddle in this video I am sewing the center piece to the breast collar. The leather I am sewing is saddle skirting on top and burgundy latigo on the bottom side. The sewing machine thread is white polyester size 346 on top and bottom. I use Schmetz needles size 230 for thick leather like the saddle parts I am sewing in this leather sewing tutorial. Sewing single ply leather I use a Schmetz size 200 needle.
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Bruce Cheaney Leathercraft #brucecheaneyleathercraft

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10 Replies to “Leather Working – machine for sewing thick saddle leather – leather craft secrets”

  1. Darrel Wilson

    Thanks Bruce.  After watching your vids I purchased one of the Cowboy 4500's. Very nice machine although I haven't gotten to use it much yet.  Seems that I will need to practice adjusting the tensions to center the stitch.  Hopefully that won't be too difficult.

  2. Ray Maclin

    Hey Bruce! Your work is Amazing! I have a question for you: Do you do Tooling Designs for people? I am working on a project. I have a big leather belt that I would LOVE for you to design. Is that something you'd be interested in??


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