Leather Working – Hewing Axe Sheath

Needless to say having a 30 cm sharpened piece of steel that weighs 4-5 kg’s lying around is really just disaster waiting to happen. So naturally the first thing to do after restoring the axe was to make a sheath.
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20 Replies to “Leather Working – Hewing Axe Sheath”

  1. The Freeway Octopus

    I have many questions: where do you get your metal?
    What king of tools would you suggest for a beginner Metal/wood worker?
    What kinds of glue/file do you use?
    What's the spiny thing on the forge and are those rocks or charcoal?
    What do you do with all the tools you make/ restore?
    What's the varnish stuff you put on the wood?


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