Leather Working: Guitar strap making patterns

Leather Working: Guitar strap making patterns. Leather guitar strap making – guitar straps patterns templates – DIY Crafts – Cheaney Leather Craft. Hello DIY leather craft and guitar strap makers today I would like to share with you some basic specifications of some of my guitar strap patterns and templates.

Once you have some basics measurements you can have fun making and designing your own custom leather guitar straps.

I use heavy poster board to draw my guitar strap patterns onto and then I make sure they are symmetrical and once I am happy with the design I cut the pattern out with a leathercraft knife. A pattern will last you for a very long time if you take care of it and keep it in a safe place so the edges will stay clean and not get torn.

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20 Replies to “Leather Working: Guitar strap making patterns”

  1. Tie died Hair

    I have a bunch extra leather from making a Sporran. Would love to make a guitar strap to use for my guitars. Any ideas cause I only want one and don’t want to buy any extra tools just to make it. Just have extra leather to use up. Thanks for any help.

  2. Bushcraft Beats

    Bruce, just saw this video for the first time, what weight, and what type of leather do you recommend for a guitar strap? Do you use some type of suede on the underside to make it grippy? And how do you make the strap attack at the end of the neck, just after the nut?

    I'm just finishing up a project, and I need to make a guitar strap for a friend in the next few seconds! Any help would be appreciated!

  3. Papa Bear

    Thank you, sir! They're really beautiful and was hoping you would make a video like this. I've managed to get a screenshot from one of your earlier videos but it's really great to see just how you've designed them and how the two pieces fit together. I just love to see your skills and know how and that you so gladly share them.

  4. Mike Sibert

    Thanks Bruce, I've been wanting to make a guitar strap for a friend of mine for a while now, Made a pattern after watching a previous video of yours, The measurements given in this video will be a big help. Keep them coming,


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