Leather Wallet Making – Without Stitching! Solid Copper!

Making a Leather Wallet WITHOUT Stitching (sort of)! (Bonus- Virtual Egg Hunt!)


Watch the video before reading the hoopla below. 👍

How to make a leather wallet using rivets (and more subtle complexities).

Strap in, we’ve got some cerebral context to follow (and we don’t even address the riddle of the wallet name – “Heller”, 22 rivets… get it?? wink, wink.)

This bi-fold wallet design (the Heller) is deceivingly complex. It appears simple on the surface …after it’s crafted and laying around, however there are layers that build upon one another with precision and purpose. This illusion of sorts is achieved with intention. To seem simple and to caress the eye without your knowledge.

Every detail, down to the size and spacing of rivets, matter to its function and aesthetics, simultaneously.

Additionally, as I briefly touched on in the video, an added complexity is the hidden stitching for the rear pockets. Again, not necessary, but it simply keeps the rear cards from slipping down that extra 1/4” (+/-). This adds a touch of convenience while at the same time, enhancing overall aesthetics. Yes, aesthetics always matter, but never at the risk of losing great functionality.

Another aspect I always incorporate into my designs is a sense of “flow”. The eye prefers to flow gently when scanning anything. Be it the lines of a car fender, objects placed in a well composed photo, curves of the human body, or shape of pockets in a leather wallet. The human eye doesn’t like jagged turns and sharp corners. It doesn’t want to be jolted. It prefers to “flow”. Gently. Think of the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio. (It’s a brain thing).

Contemplate it. Absorb it. Enjoy it!

The nesting arc jigs (seen in this video) are a great tool to help with creating that sense of flow in your leather craft projects. When in doubt, go in a gently curve. Your eyes will thank you.

Direct Link to arc jigs below.


Easter egg list (as usual, the points don’t matter):

– Pipe Wrench
– Zippo Light & Cigar
– Toilet Paper
– Neck Tie
– Binoculars
– High Heels (Stars & Stripes)
– Shell Gas Truck (Matchbox car)
– Flying Pig


Wallet – Heller (22 Rivets… get it?? Wink, wink.)

Leather – Horween English Tan Dublin (6 oz)

Rivets – #14 solid copper


Nesting Arc Jigs are now available to order!


Bump Jigs!



Tools and Gear (to site with photos and links to all):


Direct links to tools, gear and “stuff” (each):
Cordless Dremel –
Yellow rulers (my favorite!) –
Hand clamps (stitching) –
Glue Pot –
Leather Glue (Barge) –
Leather Glue thinner (Barge) –
Thread (Ritza Tiger, 1.0 mm) –
Knife –
Knife (2) –
Stitching Needles (John James) – 
Corner punches (Semi-arc) –
Rivet Nippers (Knipex) –
Hole Punch (Herm Sprenger) –
Mauls (Barry King) –
Pony Clamp (Pony Jorgenson) –
Leather Dye (Feibings) –
Cutting mats (Alvin) –
Professional scissors –
Bump jigs –
Camera and film gear:
DJI Osmo Mobile 3 –
Tripod –
Manfrotto Magic Arm:
Manfrotto Super Clamp:
Samsung External HD –
Tripod mount:
GoPro Hero 6:
Neewer mini tripod:
Apple card reader:
(Disclaimer: Some of the items here are Amazon affiliate links, which means if you purchase an item with the provided links, I get a small commission of the sale, at no added cost to you, which helps to keep this channel up and running.  Thanks for the support!)


End Screen Model – Yasmin (

Thumbnail Model – Madi Beacham

Jack Russell – Chloe


A few “how to” videos:
Bump Jigs, 9 Tips:

How to set copper rivets:

How to strop your edge bevelers:

How to add a zipper to leather:

How to add a grommet to leather:

How to add a top hem:


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45 Replies to “Leather Wallet Making – Without Stitching! Solid Copper!”

  1. tgbg64

    Awesome video Artie! Thanks for continuing to share your art with us!! Being that I am greatly inspired by your work, just wondering if you have any plans to detail your dyeing and burnishing process? There's a ton of videos out there but none that I have seen can hold a candle to the quality that you produce! Thanks!!

  2. Glen Piro

    Absolute gold man. The vids just keep getting better, and you keep giving your secrets away, we cant ask for more than that. Well maybe more of the t shirt model I mean of the dog. Yeah, the dog. Those bump jigs have upped my game exponentially, so it appears I will ante up for the other ones lol.


    I really like the rivet look. I notice in other videos you are always hand stitching. Do you ever use a machine? Just curious, I do both and find there is advantages to both. Would love to hear your thoughts. Also a lot of us subscribers would LOVE to see a video of how your Burnishing process goes from start to finish. Maybe that’s your trade secret, in that case I understand. Great job keeping entertained!


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