Leather Crafting – Making an EDC Zipper Pouch

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Leather Crafting – Making an EDC Zipper Pouch

Leather Crafting gets a bit more advanced when you start sewing zippers into your work. In this video we make a nice leather zippered pouch. This design can be used to carry all of your EDC (every day carry) pieces, it can also be used as a purse or clutch, you can also adjust the size to make it bigger for or smaller to carry tablets or to use as a wallet.

Sewing in a zipper by hand is fairly simple once you get the hang of it. I use basting tape to attach the zipper to the leather, which holds it firmly in place while I punch and hand stitch the zipper to the leather. Once that is complete, it’s just a matter of hand sewing all of the other leather pieces together with waxed thread, burnishing, and finishing up the piece.

As a side note, you can also use basting tape to attach leather pieces to each other. This tape does not provide the structural strength of leather cement, however in a piece like the card slot where there is not much movement the stitching is more than strong enough. Basting tape makes for a much cleaner, easier way to line up a piece of leather that is centered on another piece of leather, just remember to burnish your edges before installing!

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25 Replies to “Leather Crafting – Making an EDC Zipper Pouch”

  1. Dan Kornfeld

    Your vid’s are super chill, and relaxing, with an ASMR vibe thrown in for flavor. (My only hang up – the sound goes from mono to stereo a few times – weird sounding with ear buds). Keep doing what you do, and I’ll keep watching!

  2. francisco javier valera

    It is possible to buy those books that are not for the official website …. I am from Spain and they send me out very expensive … Or do you recommend other similar books with explanations and patterns to start with this leather? THANKS OF ANTEMANO AND CONGRATULATIONS BY THE CHANNEL


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