Leather Craft Training #3 – Setting Rivets – Basic Skills HD

Learn important basic techniques for leatherwork. A professional in the industry teaches how to set dot rivets and tubular rivits in a leather bracelet using their respective rivet setters. Beck Leather & Crafts

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13 Replies to “Leather Craft Training #3 – Setting Rivets – Basic Skills HD”

  1. Random Videos Of No Particular Consequence

    Saw this video, got all excited that I could fix my damaged double-wrap belt, bought a rivet kit, bought a mallet, went through twelve rivets of three different sizes, always bending and failing despite following this video to the T.

    Finally said the hell with it and bought some Chicago screws and a tube of Loctite, lol. But thanks for the vid anyways.

  2. Krysta

    I am looking for information on what I need to set a pyramid rivet. I have found lots of videos like this that are very helpful for setting a domed rivet. Will a rounded rivet setter work for a pyramid rivet? I want to set 8mm rivet (I think – wanting to make a bracelet for women/kids). Thanks for your help.

  3. Beck Leather

    I apologize for the terrible response time. We are just about to start production of a new set of videos and if possible we will include how to do this. However, it is pretty simple. First, drill a hole (or holes) in your metal. Then put the rivet post through the leather AND the metal. Finally, set the rivet as you would in any piece of leather. See the Setting Rivets video for help. Thanks!


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