Knife making – Leather working tool

a video showing the process of building a leather working tool for a client. The blade is aeb-l stainless steel with a hand sanded satin finish. Its dressed up with mystery stabilized wood and black g10 liners. This is meant purely as entertainment not a tutorial so don’t go doing dumb shit

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47 Replies to “Knife making – Leather working tool”

  1. M. S. L.

    Great work… But couldn't you have started with small pieces of wood? I mean even if it had been flush it would be really small compared to what you started with. Then you went undersized at that. Seems you could have made five knives of that size with that chunk of wood.

  2. Dumitru Ursu

    "That" is called skiving, it's used to blend in pieces of leather. When you get down to it, many crafts are the same – going from woodworking to leatherworking isn't that big of a jump – the material is a bit more stretchy and mushy 🙂 It's a really cool knife.

  3. SSKerberos

    take some sand paper like 1000 grid, 1500,2000,2500,3000 then cut them in long lines, and make ur own flap disc (glue them on) to put on a drill, use those flap discs with sand paper to get the satin finish, 15 minutes max

  4. A.D.D Blades

    gday DB Blades I just want to say thank you for giving me the inspiration to create this channel dedicated to making blades I know at the moment I haven't uploaded but that's because I'm working on a project at the moment which when done I will upload. my fist project is making a machete to see what I can do. I'm starting of big because there's more material so its more forgiving than something small where if I remove a bit too much material it won't matter as much.

  5. Doobz One

    hey db blades i have been making knifes for a while know and i need an upgrade on a sander all i use is my grinder will different sanding wheels and i would like to know what yours is love the videos keep them up.

  6. Joey Atilano

    The bench clearing is what I want to do to every time I start a project too lol. That leather tool came out sweet. I just did a huge batch of aeb-l and finished the first few and you are right. The edge you can get is amazingly sharp.

  7. Jake Bender

    Absolutely beautiful knife. I'm a leatherworker and use a skiving knife that has a similar design, though it's a mass-produced one from Japan. The one you made is the kind that is kept forever, and passed on through the family.

    How would one go about sharpening this knife after it's been used awhile and it's lost its edge?

    Great filming, by the way.


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