How to stamp a Basketweave design for Leather Crafts

How to stamp a Basketweave design for Leather Crafts. This video shows how easy it is to stamp a basket weave design into leather with a few simple leather working tools. We used the Barry King Pro Leather Carvers #2 Celtic Basket Weave Stamp for this leather knife sheath project. Basketweave can be used as a design on a variety of different leather working crafts including knife sheaths.

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12 Replies to “How to stamp a Basketweave design for Leather Crafts”

  1. Melody England

    Melody England

    1 second ago

    Hi there, I hope this lil' message finds you in great health, ya gotta stay home, lol, well i'm loving your tutorials as always, but I have a issue I just know you can help me with, I can't seem to get any of my steel stampers to show up on softer or even heavier leather, I mean I can see the designs, but barely, this is frustrating, is there a darkening trick to get them to show up?

  2. Fork501

    The finished product looks great!

    One question, though – When you lined up your border stamp, did you place it with the pencil markings going through the center of the stamp, or the bottom of the stamp?


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