How to Sew a Leather Tote

My latest DIY video!!

More Details Below!

Some people are having issues at the 2:45 minute mark. I made a GIF that I hope helps further explain that!

Addition notes:
Leather needles are useful! I also bought 2 yards for this project and didn’t need all of it. Straps can be long, so just be sure to account for that. If you have any questions please let me know.

Music By Benncart:

Thanks, Benncart!!!

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25 Replies to “How to Sew a Leather Tote”

  1. chiZZlviZion tv

    after actually attempting to make this tote, i must say this is a TERRIBLE video and i'll tell you why… everything about making this tote is very simple, UNTIL its time to stitch the corners! Obviously you know this because you are referring everyone who doesnt get it, to your GIF video. its strange how the hardest part of making this tote, you chose NOT to show it being stitched, hmmmm i wonder why? all you say is "pull the corners to lay flat" well even when you pull the corners it still doesnt lay flat! now had you shown the proper sewing procedure, that would have been something we could actually use as a reference. the GIF is no use what so ever! you should have created a video specifically showing the END RESULT of stitching the corner. although i do appreciate you offering this video and for free at that… what i DONT appreciate is being frustrated trying to figure out how your saying to sew the corners. you appear much more intelligent then to leave that part of the video out, was this purposely done in order to cause frustration? hmmm i dont know, you tell me! until this is addressed, im sorry but i have to REMOVE my sub and like of your channel.
    upset frustrated viewer

  2. foxtailfineries

    Hi can you make a longer tutorial on how to make this bag? It is so short you kind of glossed over how to do the corners, no offense. Also, how did you achieve the shape of your handles at the bottom where you sew it to the bag? It's very professional looking, did you use a special tool on the leather? And one last thing, did you use heavy weight thread, or top stitching thread? Thank you so much.


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