Make your leather look new again with some very simple tricks.

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All Purpose Towels

Lac Thinner

Spray Bottles

303 UV 2 ounce spray:
303 UV 16 oz:
303 UV 32 oz:
303 UV 1 Gallon:
303 UV (best value) 4 Gallon:

Armorall Conditioner:


Mothers VLR

DO YOU HAVE CRACKED NASTY LEATHER SEATS ??? THEN WE CAN HELP ! We will show you how to fix cracked WORN LOOKING leather on most and cars or trucks leather interior. SIMPLE, FAST AND CHEAP !!!

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leather diy

31 Replies to “How To Make Worn LEATHER LOOK NEW Again DIY”

  1. Mandy Rivers

    I have to tell you, I've done your technique on my 2005 325i BMW on my gray interior with Satin Granite Rust-Oleum 2X Painters Touch Paint and Primer with the same brand "paint" thinner he used because I didn't have the "lacquer" thinner. I watched your red leather video, and then followed with this and your other one. I used Surf City Garage Voodoo Blend Leather Rejuvenator that I saw in another video…AH'MAZING RESULTS!!! This guy is a wizard! Thanks so much for your videos. People are flipping out over my before and after results! I tell everyone about you. I wish we could show you pictures! 😎👍

  2. Curtis Yang

    Tried the process, and it definitely helped my leather seat bolsters that were creasing. I used a gloss black, however upon finishing the job on my Lexus, it seems like Lexus black is less ashy/blue compared to krylon/rustoleum spray paint found in stores. The creases are less noticeable at best. In my case the previous owner let the leather deteriorate to a point where filling may be required. I will try ordering a matching dye and try the process again. Highly recommended DIY if you want to save hundreds on a professional repair.

  3. Sgt.Major Burton Truxal

    I know its been a couple years since this video, I have not read all the comments technique is great, my question is will this work on my Vinyl WHITE boat seats. I plan on trying a small area, Though my boat was covered it sets up higher, and when I went to take cover off a square area had torn around the back portion seating area exposing the seats to UV and caused fading and cracking on the seats. Thanks great video.

  4. E N

    Why do you guys say thanks? If You wanna thank this genius ask your friends or family to subscribe and click on the notification icon and like this page and all the pages. Get on Facebook or other social media sites, WhatsApp telegram chat etc and share this page and all the pages so that there will be more subscribers. This is what He ask for so give him what He ask for. Simple way to say thank you and you save on cost or replacing seats or other mod to get the same outcome. Click the like button. We are a Sweeeeeeeet Family…

  5. id guillermocaro56

    hello good morning I left very surprised your video in the very fast and simple way I write from Argentina and I would like to ask you 2 things the first is whether the spray is synthetic or acrylic enamel and the thinner of what kind is special to mix it with that product I hope your answer thank you very much.

  6. mcfallb

    Hello tubers! I did this with my leather seat in my Mazda3 Just like he did, got a small white towel. Went to auto parts store and bought some interior vinyl black matte paint (for dashboards, seats and such), went to the hardware store and bought some lacquer thinner (cheaper than the auto store). Got home sprayed the seat with a cleaner/conditioner and cleaned it. Wadded up the towel like he does, sprayed it with paint, doused with some thinner and wiped it on. It worked, all the cracks were filled black. When the thinner dries up while your applying and the cracks still look dry, I sprayed more paint to the towel. Now I need to get a glossier paint as that seems to be the type my car has. I then need to work and applying it evenly. Right now it looks super for the investment hey. Good work I love it.


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