How to make Extremely Affordable Waterproofing – DIY Step by Step Instructions-Leather, Canvas, Etc.

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A step by step instructional video on how to make homemade waterproofing compound that can be utilized for cotton canvas, leather, boots, coats, jackets, tarps, hats, etc. We do this at a fraction of the cost of a store bought waterproofer with better results. For pennies on the dollar this is a must do DIY project for your outdoor clothing.

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27 Replies to “How to make Extremely Affordable Waterproofing – DIY Step by Step Instructions-Leather, Canvas, Etc.”

  1. Dax Hopkins

    Please tell me you're not planning to use a pressurised water/CO2 fire extinguisher on a liquid fats and oils fire? Get a fire blanket for small liquid and fat/oil fires. (if it is a suitable one, ignore me, but from that short clip, it looks like the standard ABC kiddie general purpose extinguisher, which will throw hot fat everywhere and spread the fire).

  2. Ruben Mv

    Country Living Experience: I do have a question
    i walk on the corn fields every day when the corn season starts there is where the real waterproof gear its tested do you think this would work on frogs waterprof jacket and pants?? I been trying many diferent waterproof clothes and after 15 minutes in to the field i am all wet

  3. espacesX

    linseed oil even boild linseed oil are suitable for paints incl. all negative properties like hardening any brush used, able to self-inflame cloths you used. Linseed oil is not suitable for leather as due to polymerisation of the linseed oil in the leather the leather fibres will break earlier under stress.
    Any plant oil will soften dry leather due to fact that any plant oil (and animal oil/grease) incl. glycerin, which is attracting humitity.
    Simple recipe is using rapeseed oil instead of linseed oil for leather if the recipe incl. components, which you would like to solute. But at leather you can also mix Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) with Beeswax. Vaseline as component is offering a functionality for cleaning leather, get other components incl. grease, wax and oil solute and protecting waterproofing wax from washing out.
    Interesting is that Holmenkol is using just waxes for material care and waterproofing at Holmenkol Natural Active Wax.

  4. Shannon Lawson

    Does the hat remain tacky to touch since using toilet bowl sealant wax? That wax is designed to stay tacky and never fully harden, therefore, does it remain that way on the fabric as well? Do you always feel like film is coming off on your hands when you handle the hat?


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