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Wondering how to clean leather bags? The Leather Laundry tells you how!

Leather is a product of nature, thus leather cleaning is a technical process and sometimes generic cleaning is not enough! For basic stains, and dry dirt and dust, cleaning leather bags at home will do the trick –

1. Wipe the surface of the bag with a soft damp cloth to remove the dry dirt and dust sitting on the surface

2. Remove fresh ink stains by immediately wiping it off with a damp muslin cloth. However for an older and more stubborn stain, solvent based chemicals need to be used. However these strong agents end up destroying the colour of the leather. Thus a professional leather care expert needs to be consulted, who will first remove the stain and then restore the colour of the affected area. Never use a matching colour shoe polish to buff the stained area. Shoe polish can harm the delicate leather of handbags!

3. Never treat dye transfer stains and grease/oil stains at home. Consult a professional leather care expert! He will use strong solvent based chemicals to get rid of the stains and then restore the entire colour of the leather handbags

4. Always store your leather handbags in a cool and dry place to prevent the growth of mold/fungus

5. Do not expose handbags to sunlight for a prolonged period – since exposure to heat results in colour fading.

6. Use dust bags to store your precious leather handbags.

7. Store your handbags with stuffings of butter paper or air bags, so that they retain their beautiful shape!

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