Guide to Buying Mens Wallets and Cardholders | Louis Vuitton Goyard |

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Hey guys, in this video i show you my collection of wallets and cardholders and give you the pros and cons of each. Thanks for watching.

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37 Replies to “Guide to Buying Mens Wallets and Cardholders | Louis Vuitton Goyard |”

  1. Glen Daly

    I love the Bottega Veneta thin card case. I love the color and the amount of cards it holds. And I also love the design the criss-cross design on it. It's very unique. And it's also very thin, I did purchase the Gucci Marmont wallet. It was affordable priced and it small so you can wear it in your front pocket. It was $330. It is in fact a relatively small pocket, but it fits easily in your front pocket , where the LV wallet couldn't fit in the front pocket if you tried. I would recommend the Marmont, especially because it is all pebbled leather. That's would I totally recommend. The only thing is I think it only comes in black.

  2. Glen Daly

    I have the LV men's wallet in the same wallet, except in the monogram. It wears terribly. Because it's canvas, it doesn't mold to your behind. It feels like having a boulder in your rear pocket. And as result, the stitching didn't hold up. The representative told me I wasn't supposed to wear it in my back pocket. Then they didn't want to accommodate my problem. Not only that , they were completely impolite. They obviously don't need my business. I would never purchase anything from that designer. I would
    would NEVER deal with them in the future. And their quality is completely subpar.

  3. qwertzu66

    Hey Alan
    you should try the Louis Vuitton Card Holder (The Epi one are structured which I love, The taiga and Infini one quite soft) and the slit in the back allows you to cary cash
    I was thinking of getting the Bottega piece you mentioned but after ur review…not sure anymore

  4. Daniel in the Antipodes

    I use a LV cle (canvas monogramme) for my keys. I have a Chanel card case for my public transport card (totally gorgeous piece, do look at them, I cannot imagine life without it!) and an Oroton wallet. Oroton is an Australian brand, so I doubt you have heard of it. I would hesitate to accuse it of being 'luxury' but it is quality. My wallet tends to live in my pocket, so I needed, primarily, something sturdy after a couple of catastrophes with wallets which just did not survive life in my pocket! Funnily enough, the Oroton packaging is really lovely, as nice as any of the luxury brands!
    Have a great day!


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