GUCCI Leather Wallet has ALMOST NO LEATHER?!


GUCCI Leather Wallet has ALMOST NO LEATHER?!

One of our friends sent in a broken Gucci Wallet for us to take apart and turn into a beautiful custom piece. We decided to dissect the Gucci Wallet to see just how a big fashion house makes their wallets- and we were surprised to find that what may LOOK like a full leather wallet well…might not be!

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38 Replies to “GUCCI Leather Wallet has ALMOST NO LEATHER?!”

  1. theparty ostrich

    Nylons a much more durable product that’s why Prada gained so much popularity when they debuted their early nylon collections. Over the years Prada’s managed to stay family owned and operated. Gucci, LV, YSL are all owned by larger textile companies now. Not saying Prada is a better company but I do think nylon in the high end fashion industry was a game changer and brands like Gucci that were prideful of their leather craft had to re-shape their brand image to adapt.

  2. Mads Hansen

    1. Gucci does not claim these wallets to be leather wallets. They specifically specify that these wallets are a part of their canvas accessories collection.
    2. Gucci doesn't import workers from china to have them work on crafting the products.
    3. Gucci doesn't make 90%+ of the products and finish up a tiny bit in Italy so that they can put the "made in Italy" marker on their products. To do such a thing is highly illegal, hence why companies find work-arounds (ex. Apple with their "designed in California" label).
    4. Gucci doesn't have a problem with using thick leather. They use it in their bags, belts, jackets, shoes and so on. But when it comes to wallets, they might sometimes prefer thin leather as it's less weight, more flexible and makes the wallet seem more elegant (and or stereotypical feminine).
    5. Gucci doesn't outsource for materials. As much of the materials that they can get from within Europe is from within Europe.They may outsource for zippers, raw/fine silk and Japanese denim. When they do so they do not establish contact with sweatshops.

    Italy is hard hit from the Covid19 pandemic, yes. Because of the amount of asian (especially Chinese) tourists we see in that country. Because of Italy's deep rooted codes of culture (ex. how they greet one another). The average age in Italy is one of the highest in the world. Stop with the misinformation. I don't care if you spew nonsense because said nonsense complies with your self-imposed worldview. You either live in cognitive dissonance or change your ways. But do not lie and call it a middleground.

    And I'm talking about the comment section btw. The video was fine and very informative. Gave it a like.

  3. Rares Lucian

    In my country you have to work so mutch for a Gucci wallet, on a regular salary, i oance had a wallet ehat i could slap everything with it, diden't toutch it for 12 years or more and the letter was as smooth as a new one . And moust of my brand wallets after one or two years collaps.

  4. dew cat

    all these 'designer' stuffs is really just big scam everybody ignores . i mean , its not a secret anymore that they use questionably 'cheap' materials , probably underpays their worker from overseas. but 'rich ego' people will buy them anyway just because they're gonna 'collect' it and not using it as intended only putting them in big glass closet .

  5. ctuan13

    I just found your video in my recommended. First of all, great content! Second, as soon as I saw you start to dissect this wallet I laughed because I've literally seen the exact same level of construction and materials or better, found in wallets I've spent 15 dollars for at Marshall's. This is insanity. I don't even want to know what your customer paid for that thing. 😬

  6. Lena Baker

    As a die hard Gucci fan I am going to say that I don't care how much leather goes into making of a wallet or a bag. I purchased a men's wallet a year ago and used it daily. It showed no signs of use what so ever. Technically you could put it in a box and sell it as new if you wanted. I recently gave it to my husband because I needed a bigger wallet and got a Chanel long wallet instead. However! That Gucci wallet still has a special place in my heart because it was very comfortable to use, looked nice, had an amazing quality and wasn't expensive. Some people in the comments say that you pay a top price for a Gucci wallet. Yes and no. Let me tell you, if you check other luxury brands and compare their prices to Gucci's you will find out that Gucci's prices are actually surprisingly low. $350 for a Gucci men's wallet vs $500 Louis Vuitton. If Chanel made men's wallet they would go for at least $800. And don't even get me started on Hermes. Gucci is a "poor man's luxury brand", as ridiculous as it sounds. I love it and I will wear their bags until the day I die. I have 4 Gucci bags so far and their quality is superior to those of Louis or even Chanel who's bags tend to lose shape pretty quickly.


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