Frye Melissa Tote Review | care and conditioning of leather bags

Today I’m sharing my Frye Melissa Tote. I’m reviewing its features and sharing how I care for it. I hope you enjoy this review!

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35 Replies to “Frye Melissa Tote Review | care and conditioning of leather bags”

  1. Catherine J.

    I want the Melissa satchel. I just found an odd color on off5th so I may get. I would love your vintage satchel because I'm sure the quality is much better than today's. I have 3 Dooney florentine bags that are nearing 10 years old and the ones made today don't compare in quality to them. Not at all. I want a Col. Littleton bag too but can't find any videos on them.

  2. Sally Anderson

    Hi Dawn! I remember years ago I had a pair of Frye boots and they lasted forever! I don’t know whatever happened to them. But didn’t realize the made purses. Your purse is beautiful! Love the leather!! Hope you’re having a great weekend! Hugs my beautiful friend 🤗😍

  3. Cher B

    Such a beautiful bag Dawn! love how it's sectioned inside, love the style and colour, I've not heard of this brand, I do love a leather handbag, backpack, cross body, I just love bags lol! Enjoy the snow! we just have cold, grey and rainy so far
    much love xo🥰💜⛄

  4. JenniferLoves

    Dawn what a beautiful sweater your wearing soooo pretty you look gorgeous. Snowy day I do miss those snowy days here in Florida. Such a beautiful bag. Sometimes there are not enough person reviews and yours is really helpful. And love your style idea. Thanks for sharing dauling. Xx Jennifer 💕💕

  5. _lyndall_

    I know the snow can cause a lot of problems, but it really is beautiful outside your window. I saw a couple of Frye handbags at TJMaxx last year before the holidays but they were really scratched up. I didn't know about the leather conditioner trick (great tip) but I don't know that these could have been saved. lol Have a wonderful week, Dawn. 🙂

  6. Coco and the Muse

    Good morning Dawn! We have been MIA for two months and I have missed all of my YouTube friends. We finally started shooting again and I have time again to visit my YouTube friends. I love your style and I love your reviews. I could actually listen to you all day LOL that is if I had time. I love that bag! I have one that similar that I’m obsessed with as well. Have a beautiful day Tiffany The mad scientist

  7. Fyrinspector1923

    We seem to have the same love of handbags and lipsticks. I have always loved Frye boots and bags but could never afford them. Sure enough I was in TJMaxx a couple of years ago and found Frye riding boots in my size and one pair only for $89.00. They are beautiful and now that they are broken in I really love them. Decided to run over to the handbag section and found a Frye handbag on clearance also. Grabbed it up and both are still going strong. I will have to try that cleaner when I finish the one I have. I initially applied a good saddle soap and that works great. I recently dug out my leather backpack I bought while in Italy and oh how I love it! Just gave it a good cleaning the other day.
    The view from your window is beautiful. We actually got to to high 60’s last night then it goes up during the day. Nice change from those 90 days.
    We both must have been cowgirls in another life. Love that jeans, boots casual look. Inside cowgirl, outside a city slicker. Lol
    Have a great day!
    😎💄❤️ Kathy

  8. HappinessSparkles !!

    Love hearing you talk about handbags ,
    This Frye bag is stunning
    I use the Apple cleaner on my Dooney&bourke Florentine leather bags as they scratch up the same way ,it’s an amazing product
    Great review Dawn ,thanks for sharing .
    Hugs Frances

  9. jdee

    Look at the snow! I love it! I've had some Frye boots but never a bag. It looks fabulous! Actually both are beautiful. I appreciate the tip with the leather conditioner to take out the scratches. Thank you for the review. You have the most beautiful bag collection. I love seeing them! Love ya! xoxo

  10. Deb Storybags

    Are the O rings that attach the handle to the tote closed or do they have a open slit? I like how Brahmin’s O rings on handle are completely closed so I never need to use pliers to push them together. I’ve thought about buying this bag before. There’s a store about 45 mins away from me but I haven’t driven in that direction in a few years.

  11. Alli Sea

    Hi Dawn,
    You cannot go wrong if you choose Frye leather goods. The boots especially are very popular where I live. Their "riding" style boots are gorgeous and get bettet with age as you break them in. I love both of those bags you own. Traditional, workhorse with lots of classic style!!! Coach is anothet fave of mine too.
    Birthday, anniversary AND Christmas in December?! Let's hope they fall on separate days so you get to enjoy each one by itself 🤗
    💕😚💕 Alli

  12. moon0halo

    Hi Dawn! I've been a huge fan of Frye boots for decades. I've had so many, past and present. I have never had a Frye bag, though. I guess I've only associated Frye with boots. Those bags are absolutely gorgeous! The leather is so rich looking! I prefer that look over many high end designer bags. Of course, I'm now off in search of one for myself. Thanks for sharing. Thanks also for the snow scene. I've been in Florida for a long time and I can't remember the last time I saw snow.


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