Flexible Leather Weights | Soft leather shot bags for the shop

As a compliment to my rigid weights, I made a set of flexible leather weights as well. These are especially useful for gluing up curved parts that are difficult to clamp or delicate surfaces that would be easily marked by a rigid weight or clamp.

Rigid Gravity Clamps | Cast lead and steel weights for the shop (with Kubrick intro)

Breaktime – Silent Film Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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leather bag

49 Replies to “Flexible Leather Weights | Soft leather shot bags for the shop”

  1. David Earnest

    I used very nearly the same method for making bench rest bag props. The only difference was I weighed out 25lbs of shot sewed into canvas and then sewed the shot filled canvas bag into the saddle shaped leather bag. I made four. Yes it is indeed a lot of work. Yours are exceptionally nice. You do beautiful work!

  2. Michael D Kernan

    Very neat video. I have worked with just a small bit of leather and it was helpful to see you punched stitch holes in advance, correct? I've always hated stitching pieces together until watching this video. If I could make one suggestion: I am a bit slow to take in the details, so slowing down your playback by just a bit would be much appreciated. Either way, I'm going to be coming back here a lot, I think, to learn some more. Thanks again. Mike

  3. _shifty

    jesus christ youtube… i get on these strange videos and suddenly i want to start working with leather. or building kites. or rc quad copters, or playing fuking paint ball, or whatever these people on youtube make look so fun


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