Easy Steps to Maintain Your Leather Wallet

Learn how to maintain your vegetable tanned leather goods in few easy steps.

Dreaming about your leather goods being clean and has shiny patina? Well, you might want to avoid few things in order to keep your wallet away from unwanted stains, marks, scars, and spots.

Most vegetable tanned leather hides came with uncoated or unfinished surface from the tanneries and that is why they have very distinctive character when being used over time, easily recognized as patina.

One of the easiest way to maintain the condition of your leather wallet is not to keep it in your back pocket while sitting. Many people simply not taking this seriously but in reality it’ll keep the leather in good condition since back pocket is very humid from frequent contact with body sweat. Another thing to consider, frequent sitting on your wallet is not good for your spine.

Vegtan leather will respond to any liquid and some liquid tend to leave unwanted stains if not taken care properly. These unwanted stains are highly avoided by most leather aficionados since they want the clean patina look for better experience.

Watch the full video to guide you on how to maintain your vegetable tanned leather goods easily.

These steps might not everyone’s favour, but we want share to you what the experience told us in order to achieve clean, nice, and shiny patina.

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Inspired by a man’s passion on journey, VOYEJ, as a brand, try to imply the excitement of having a personal journey through leather goods made of well-chosen materials. The making process takes considerable amount of time for most of it is done by hand. We believe handmade process is an unspoken way to express sincere passion as well as attention to details and quality. The notable feature of natural vegetable tanned leather is the color evolution. It is when the leather has developed its patina over time, thus resulting in darker leather color.

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