Easy DIY Traditional Leather Bow Quiver

Hey it’s not that hard to make your own quiver for your arrows! Just need some leather, leather boot lacing, a sewing awl, and a leather punch. Check this out and try it yourself! Thanks for watching 🙂

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22 Replies to “Easy DIY Traditional Leather Bow Quiver”

  1. 50 Cal

    Would the bottom of the quiver will be safe, if one will use Broad Heads? Is there a way to make sure, the broad heads will not get entangled? Kindly , can you please provide some input , how to prevent from arrows from falling out, when you are running . Thank you.

  2. monkyh6of6

    Not a bad job I must say I actually am a leather Smyths people usually pay me €100 €190 for a quiver the reason why so expensive is because the leather costs about €60 plus our time and the leather you're using is about 1.5 millimetre I use 3.5 so it's structured and not floppy, but brilliant job it turned out great


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