DIY Tutorial – How to Make the Vertebrae Redux Leather Bracelet

Kellie with Kellie’s Bead Boutique will show you how to take one of her old favorites and add a new twist to it. Take simple things like jump rings and seed beads to create this gorgeous bracelet.

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24 Replies to “DIY Tutorial – How to Make the Vertebrae Redux Leather Bracelet”

  1. Kellie M

    I just came across your channel tonight and I absolutely love your designs and your way of teaching, thank you so much for sharing!! I love knotted jewelry but it takes me forever because knots are difficult for me. Loving your barrel knots and the tube you use, so genius!! I had pretty much given up on knotting tightly between beads but with your way of using the tweezers in other videos, I have some hope again lol. Thank you, thank you, thank you..this Kellie is your newest fan!!! 👏🏻 💙 🎉

  2. Kathy Simmons

    Kellie, thanks so much for another great tutorial! I just completed this bracelet, and it is more beautiful in person! The only challenge I faced was trying to watch and re-watch the barrel knot piece; knots are new to me, and although mine didn’t turn out as beautiful as yours, the lightbulb clicked, and voila! I learned something new!

    You’re the best!

  3. Margaret S

    I love the "barrel knot" technique – very easy to do and it makes the leather sit nicely and not seem so bunched up like with a lark's head knot/overhand knot. Awesome! This is a great bracelet design – it reminds me of the "Bollywood" bracelet (see tutorial on YouTube) that's done with macramé . I'm making some of these leather "Vertebrae" bracelets for friends – very cool! Love your vids!


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