DIY Stacked Leather Handle – Refinishing an Estwing Hammer

This video shows how to make a stacked leather grip for an old hammer, as well as refinishing the metal. I show step-by-step detailed clips without unnecessary chatter. With the proper tools, anyone can do this. Thanks for watching, sharing, and subscribing!

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leather diy

9 Replies to “DIY Stacked Leather Handle – Refinishing an Estwing Hammer”

  1. Lewie McNeely

    HO, Phil and Company and hope all is well. I hope this is an Estwing because I hate to see an Estwing go to waste. NICE job! Uncle Sneelock and the Scout Crafter will be proud of you! Me too! Cool and cloudy after some rain here but the rain was needed. Have a wonderful evening and GBWYall!


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