DIY Minimalist Leather Card Wallet


DIY Minimalist Leather Card Wallet

Making a DIY minimalist leather card wallet is a great simple leather crafting project for the beginner or experienced leather smith. This leather card wallet is a sleeve design, meaning it is made of just two pieces of leather and one seam. This makes a very simple DIY project with minimal leather crafting tools and a simple pattern!

We used rose colored Buttero leather to make this minimalist leather card wallet with a salmon colored bonded nylon thread that we saddle stitched by hand. Most of our tools are from our sponsor Weaver Leather, and we finished off our minimalist leather card wallet with a hand burnish and some bee’s wax.

There are many ways to make a minimalist leather card wallet, and we’ve included 4 unique designs in the leather crafting pattern pack. Happy leather crafting!

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32 Replies to “DIY Minimalist Leather Card Wallet”

  1. Andrey50188

    Если честно, то я вас не понимаю. Не одно видео ваше уже видел и везде одно и тоже. Вы делаете очень аккуратные работы, но ваше окончание шва портит всё отношение и к изделию, и к вам, как мастеру. Вы края ниток хотя бы внутрь прячьте, если у вас нет желания аккуратнее загладить опаленные концы.

  2. BL

    Ordered your patterns and can't wait to make them. I just started in my journey of leather crafting and your projects are just perfect to learn and make useful items. Thanks so much!!!!


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