DIY Leather Backpack – Tutorial and Pattern Download

This video is a tutorial about diy leather backpack in two sizes.
Pattern available here:

and here

Get the full hardware set needed to finish this leather backpack pattern here:

More patterns available on


Recommended tool and hardware list:

Beginner leather working kit –
Adjustable Edge Groover –
Black Waxed Thread –
White Waxed Thread –
20 mm buckles –
9 mm rapid rivets –
quarter corner cutter set –
half round cutter set –
1.5 mm hole puncher –
hole punchers 10 set –
Diamond chisel set –
cutter –
stitching needles –
rubber mallet –
polishing felt pad –
cutting pad –
Wolfcraft Precision Cutter –
Stanley Blades 5 pack –
Stanley Blades 100 pack –
masking tape –
Edge Paint Applier –
Hand Press –

You can most of the exact hardware I used to build this item here:

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35 Replies to “DIY Leather Backpack – Tutorial and Pattern Download”

  1. Marca De Couro

    Bom dia, por favor, onde posso ver os videos que ensinam fazer "How to make a backpac – tutorial and pattern download 01, 02, 03 e 04? Fiz o download do PDF e logo em seguida fiquei doente e não consegui fazer a mochila. Hoje estou tentando fazer mas não tenho mais acesso aos vídeos. Se puder me ajudar agradeço muito. Sou admirador do seu trabalho. Só tenho a agradecer por ensinar a fazer essas peças maravilhosas. Muito obrigado.

  2. Oleg Shadrin

    Спасибо, работа супер!!! Вопрос, это какая то программа для раскроя деталей? Или просто распечатывали сохранённый, цифровой вид выкройки?

  3. Callum Eidson

    What type of leather did you use in this? Is it veg-tan that you dyed yourself? Or is it a pre-dyed store-bought hide? I've ben using pre-dyed for mine and noticed it's resistant to the wet-forming which I hadn't considered when buying. Thanks for the wonderful video all the same niteKore 🙂

  4. Roger Crier

    No sign of a hardware pack yet☹️ The video says 7 mm rivets, and the link is for 9 mm rivets? Are these numbers the head size, or length, and most important, what size hole do I punch for your rivets as I need to do it now so I can get the paper off the leather!!!!!!

  5. Joseph Donk

    My shops a wreck, but I finally finished my bag! Word of advice to all potential makers out there; buy all the hardware before you start construction! This bag is the perfect size and the instructions are easy to follow and it was actually an easy project that looks amazing. Can’t say enough good things about Tony and his patterns. Thanks for sending me the last pdf to finish it off. I’m ready for my next project!!!!

  6. Roger Crier

    Are you considering doing a kit of hardware parts for this backpack?And, just out of interest, why did you change to a diamond punch for the holes around the pocket zipper? And why do you seem to prefer round holes everywhere else over diamond punched holes? Do the needles go through the round holes easier?
    Cannot wait to make one of these for use with my new 125cc Monkey bike! Not exactly steampunk, but what the heck!
    Wish I could get away with using an “Aviator” helmet, but those days are gone!


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