38 Replies to “DIY: Dremel Leather Burnisher ( cheap & easy )”

  1. 5ch4um1

    lol, i found a wooden door knob which already had almost the correct shape… 😀 and well, i still like to do the first step with water by hand… but for the wax finishing, this thing is so much faster! 🙂

  2. Michael S

    After you finish sanding your burnishing drums. You should apply some furniture Howard's Feed N Wax for furniture to put the beeswax into the wood burnisher and giving it a finished polished look. Which will help glide it along the leather better and preserve the wood longer from cracking or splitting and giving the leather burnish a more high burnished look.

  3. 73Corbin

    HA! That is genius. I have thought about making my own burnishers but abandoned the idea since I did not own a wood lathe. The rotary tool + rasp with a square piece of wood was awesome. I will never again be buying wood burnisher bits online. Thank you.


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