Chisotoyama Gallery wallet Coin Pouch, functional or not?

Handmade from Tochigi leather in Japan, the Chisotoyama Gallery wallet/coin pouch combination is an interesting take on extending the long-loved pinch to open, mechanical coin pouch.

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19 Replies to “Chisotoyama Gallery wallet Coin Pouch, functional or not?”

  1. Salvatore Climenti

    Hi I'm a new subscriber. I'm currently using the Ridge wallet carbon fiber ( yea I know $115) I used Christmas gift money for it lol. I originally used trifold leather when I started carrying wallets then switched to billfold leather. I wanted something different thinner and "fancy" efficient. Btw You're a great presenter, are you in marketing? Lol

  2. Blacksands

    Great review as usual! Price should've been a 1, though – at least in my opinion, because that's waaaaay too expensive. Anybody capable of buying that thing probably wouldn't be using the coin pouch feature any way. The "minimalist" aspect is completely ruined by that thing's size – packing it with coins will negate the slim profile for a back wallet. Come to think of it, putting that in the rear may also contribute to back pain as you'll most likely sit lopsided with that thanks to the coins. From what I've experienced with coin pinch wallets, it really can't hold that many coins until it gives out due to bloat-age regardless of how good the construction is – especially in countries where cash and coin are still king where it's sure to be a must-have.

    In places like the USA, however, it's more of a novelty for the most part as everybody nowadays try to get rid of their coins as soon as they get them whenever paying in cash.

    Except for quarters. They're still great for self-serve car washes, laundromats, some toll booths, bus fare, and in some arcades that are still open.

  3. FoyshaCollection

    No Japanese Intro? lol.. I have to say, that's a very slick looking wallet. As always with Japanese wallets, the quality and design is exceptionally good. I believe Distil Union introduced the "Pinch" coin pouch if I'm not mistaken..

  4. Dewan Ahsan

    Can you do a review for wallets that are best for carrying lots of cash? When I traveled to Asia, like India and Vietnam, they are very cash heavy society, weak currency, so, I had to carry a lot of cash notes. Good wallets for lots of cash for India or Vietnam would be very helpful.

  5. Nunya Bid Ness

    Does the coin pouch still spring open when the wallet is closed, but with cards inserted on the left side card slot? Or do those cards interfere with opening the pouch just like putting a card on the right side?

    Seems cool. I saw a few styles with integrated coin purses while I was in Japan. I'm just too Americanized I guess. Coins go loose in the pocket for me.


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