A Leather Wallet on the Cricut, a Design to Build Episode

I designed and made a wallet on the Cricut, including some artwork using the Cricut Pens. I had the Cricut draw on, and cut the pieces, and then I assembled the wallet using standard leather tools. This was only the second detailed leather project I had ever done, and I found the Cricut just let me approach it much more quickly. Not only can you look at a project, like a wallet, that you like – you can jump into digital tools and design many of the more basic projects quickly. By designing them, you work through mentally how to assemble the project as well. The Cricut does a great job of giving you nice clean cuts, almost looking like they came off a press.

I think that many makers overlook the Cricut Maker as a valuable tool in the shop. I also think it may be one of the best entry points into leather working.

This is a design to build video, meaning I want to walk through all aspects of the project, from the digital design, to the actual build. I want a single video that tries to walk someone through the entire project. From design to build.

I would welcome any and all feedback from those with more experience in leather working, or on the digital side. Just realize I am very new to this, but am having a blast with it.

Thanks, and some links below!

My video on Drawing on Leather with the Cricut!

A link to the Cricut project, that includes the designs:

The original Affinity Design file is here:

Leather Skiving:

Saddle Stitching:

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5 Replies to “A Leather Wallet on the Cricut, a Design to Build Episode”

  1. Dave Smith

    Nice work! you kept say pound when you referred to the leather .. did you mean ounce? Is that the Cricut Maker you are using? What's the biggest piece of leather you think could be cut? Now off to watch some of your other videos! 🙂


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