4 ways of leather edge finishing / Leather craft technique / Edge coating

Hello guys~

This time, I made a video about how to do edge finishing.
As you already know, there are many different ways. I chose 4 ways that I use frequently. Could be different from others.

Anyway, I hope that this could help.

Thank you.

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leather craft

12 Replies to “4 ways of leather edge finishing / Leather craft technique / Edge coating”

  1. sicplano

    Very nice video presentation. Like the styling of your shots. Information was also very useful for those working with veg tans. If there are those out there using chromium leathers for handbags you may want to look at Giardini base coat to get a nice rounded filled in edge with filled in pores (since you can’t bevel and burnish). This would be followed with any edge paint of your choice. Finally though I have no experience with using their top coats, they do sell top coats at different sheen levels to further protect edge much like finishing with wax or tokonole (great product) is done on veg tan leathers. I have had good luck so far with flexibility and integrity of my edges. Thank you so much for sharing your techniques.


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