3 Simple Leather Crafting Tutorials

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3 Simple Leather Crafting Tutorials

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In these simple leather crafting tutorials you will learn some of the very basics to leather crafting. We’ll start with safely cutting heavy leather in our leather coaster tutorial. Make sure to have a sharp blade and a cork backed ruler, as you do not want either of those to slip!

In our next leather crafting tutorial you’ll learn how to make a simple belt loop key ring. Here we introduce a rotary punch, one of the most-used tools in our leather shop. You’ll learn how to punch and assemble this simple key loop, a great beginner leather crafting project.

Lastly we’ll make our first leather wallet, a simple two piece folded design out of natural vegetable tanned leather. In this simple leather crafting project feel free to get creative and change up the shape of the wallet pieces to be larger or smaller, maybe even design your own flap shape! You’ll learn how to round edges and assemble a simple folded leather wallet with a button stud.

We hope you enjoy these simple leather crafting tutorials, more to come!

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