2020 Leather Craft ✅ Bruce Cheaney Leathercraft 🎞 Leather Craft Instructional Videos YouTube

2020 Leather Craft ✅ Bruce Cheaney Leathercraft 🎞 Leather Craft Instructional Videos YouTube. Tooling and carving the year 2020 into wet and cased vegetable tanned leather plus a look at the leather working tools for this project. The swivel knife is made by Barry King Tools and a lot of the other leather tools have been around for a while for example the old leather stamping maul. ✔ List of leather tooling, carving and stamping tools I use for making leather designs.
Craftool B802 Beveler Tool for Beveling Leather
Craftool B803 Next Size Bigger Beveler Tool for Beveling Leather
Maul Master II Leather Stamping Maul

Barry King Swivel Knife, 1/2-Inch Barrel

Barry King Swivel Blade, Straight, 1/4-Inch

Springfield Leather Company 100pack of 3-1/4″ Round Shapes

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Leathercraft and leather working videos here on my YouTube channel. Leather craft ideas for beginners. Leather tool reviews and How to use them.

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40 Replies to “2020 Leather Craft ✅ Bruce Cheaney Leathercraft 🎞 Leather Craft Instructional Videos YouTube”

  1. Tj Ellis

    Hey Bruce love watching your videos and learning some new tricks to help me out! I do have a question on swivel knives, I been tooling for a while now and i cant keep my swivel knives sharp what so ever seems like they dull really fast so i ws wondering if you have any tips or tricks to keeping your blades sharp? I do strop my blades before use each time using jewlers rouge but just dont seem to have any effect whats so ever.Hope to hear from ya and hope yall take care and god bless

  2. hollier002

    Happy New Year Bruce..question..what knife do you recommend for lap skiving leather…Osborne ? If so what size? Any info is helpful…always looking forward to your videos…Thank you
    Do you have video on skiving?


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