【LeatherCraft】Making a Bi-fold Long Wallet【PDF Pattern】

PDF Pattern ↓(A4)

Leather craft starter kit (made in japan)↓

Create a bi-fold long wallet in dark purple hand-dyed leather.
To capture most processes, the video will be slightly longer.
Depending on the environment, you cannot print at the correct size.
Therefore, when using a pattern, refer to the length and rewrite the pattern.

We aim to create comfortable videos that look good at the tempo.
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leather wallet

37 Replies to “【LeatherCraft】Making a Bi-fold Long Wallet【PDF Pattern】”

  1. Giulia Palmerini

    1) It's beautiful!
    2) I see that you don't buff with a soft cloth the dye after it dries… I think you should do it, it helps distributing the pigments and gives a nice soft glow to the leather… At least it's what works for me with fiebings pro dye but I know that it help with almost all dyes. ^-^
    3) What did you use after tokonole on the edges? They are perfect!

  2. Bazlur Rahman

    For edge finish, you use Tokonole and then over wet tokonole use edge ink, right? Looks easy, but it takes a long time for newbies. I made 4 long and middle wallets and all have a different style. it took me a long time because I had to watch videos and descriptions and do it. But even surprised that I did very well. In Canada, women buy long zip wallets, but men don't buy many long wallets as in Japan. I did dying on a cheaper leather, still not like your quality with the same ingredient. I will try again for perfection. Thanks for your videos.

  3. Francesco Josè Stella

    i need to know also if there are some other error on print or draw, coz the the part who gonna be assembled for make card holder, are of different size, two of them are 19.5 and the last, is 19, but on the video when you start putting them one upon the other for make some mark at minte 20.26, is visibile the part are of the same identical size ….some problemi on stitching and assembling with different size at moment gonna try something but following the video at momen i dont understand where or wich is the problem

  4. 朝比奈直樹






  5. Zenghost 13

    Thank you for such a clear video on how to execute this pattern. Been really struggling with consistency when trying to do the card slots but i learned alot from you here. Excellent design! Was wondering what kind of tape you were using to position the parts before sewing..


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